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Thank You for Your Patronage

The Christmas tree lot will be closed for the season after Sunday Dec 18th



Tue-Fri: Noon-5:00PM (Dark)

Sat-Sun: 9:00AM-5:00PM (Dark)

Closed Mondays

More about our Christmas trees HERE


With over a million trees, Discount Trees sells a variety of Michigan grown trees to homeowners, commercial complexes, subdivisions, parks, and more! Our prices are based off of serving customers within 15 miles of our office, but we sell trees all over the state and the country!


We offer services including:

  • Convenient tree sales with optional pick up, drop-off delivery, or installation.

  • Fast tree installation using advanced transplanting trucks.

  • Expert manual installation for delicate or inaccessible locations.

  • Tree relocation: We move trees you already own!

  • Professional tree care consulting.

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